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Learn more about this new economic and community development program.

联邦机会区 are a new community and economic development tool that aims to drive long-term private investment into low-income communities throughout the country. The e世博esball has 26 Opportunity Zones and is seeking to leverage the program as an important tool to support the development of jobs, affordable housing and economic vitality.

资源 for Investors, 企业 and 房地产 开发人员

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To find eligible Opportunity Zones in the e世博esball please use the map below:

The e世博esball's Vision for the Federal Opportunity Zone Program

As the first federal community and economic development tool since the launch of the 新市场税收抵免 program, this initiative presents the e世博esball with an opportunity to drive long-term private investment into low-income communities. The e世博esball is poised to use this tax incentive to make an impact on 26 of our most underserved and disinvested neighborhoods.

Invest Atlanta is committed to working with our economic development partners in the region—including The Arthur M. 空白的家庭基金会, e世博esball中部进展, e世博esball室, 乔治亚州的权力, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, and the Atlanta Regional Commission—to ensure that the 联邦机会区 program strengthens our businesses and communities.

The program was established by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and encourages investors with recently realized capital gains to invest in local businesses, 房地产, or development projects in exchange for a reduction in their tax obligations. 

Invest Atlanta has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Opportunity Funds interested in considering investments in Atlanta’s 联邦机会区. We are seeking Opportunity Funds who want to be Social 影响 Project Partners to make investments that will address high priority public policy needs such as affordable housing, 健康食品的访问, 创造生活工资的就业机会.

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